Nagamohr will be present at Metalmadrid: The Industrial Innovation Fair


Date: September 15, 2023

The stage is set for the most anticipated industrial event of the year, and Nagamohr is eagerly preparing for its participation at the Subconmeeting stand.

Metalmadrid has established itself as an essential platform for innovation and collaboration in the industry. On November 15th and 16th of this year, more than 600 exhibitors will gather at this annual event to showcase the latest in technology and industrial solutions.

Visitors will have the opportunity to learn about Nagamohr's success story and its vision for a more sustainable and technologically advanced future. They can also explore the company's flagship products, including precision shatfs designed with cutting-edge technology.

Nagamohr's participation in Metalmadrid demonstrates its commitment to innovation and its role as a leader in the automotive industry. The company actively seeks collaboration opportunities and strategic partnerships to further drive the industry forward.

Nagamohr's CEO expressed excitement about the event, stating, "Metalmadrid is an exceptional platform to connect with industry colleagues and explore new opportunities. We are eager to share our innovations and our vision for a more sustainable future in precision turning."

Nagamohr's presence at Metalmadrid underscores its commitment to excellence and sustainability in the automotive industry. Visitors can expect to discover advanced solutions and cutting-edge technology, contributing to the continuous advancement of the industry.


Nagamohr Strengthens Its Industry Dominance by Absorbing Nopatra's Production Unit in Barcelona


Date: July 21, 2023

In July 2023, Nagamohr announced the complete acquisition of its competitor Nopatra's production unit. This new acquisition has been successfully integrated into Nagamohr as "Nagamohr Barcelona" and has had since then a series of significant impacts on the company.

The absorption of Nopatra's production unit has allowed Nagamohr to leverage economies of scale, resulting in enhanced operational efficiency and cost reduction. This strategic merger has strengthened Nagamohr's production capacity, enabling them to meet the ever-increasing demand for shafts in the automotive industry.

Nagamohr's CEO referred to the expansion of the group with the following words: "The acquisition of the production unit of Nopatra in Barcelona, has been a significant milestone in our company's history. We are proud to have achieved such effective integration and harnessed synergies to drive our growth."

The operation has also benefited the Barcelona region by preserving jobs and maintaining economic activity in the area. Nagamohr is committed to continuing its investment in the Barcelona plant and promoting local development.

With this successful acquisition, Nagamohr further strengthens its position in the automotive market and its commitment to operational excellence. The future looks promising for this leading company, which continues to demonstrate its ability to innovate and grow in a highly competitive sector.

Solar Energy

Nagamohr Bolsters its Commitment to Sustainability by Signing a Solar Energy PPA and Installing Solar Panels


Date: January 12, 2022

Nagamohr, the precision shaft manufacturer for the automotive industry, has taken a significant step towards sustainability by announcing the signing of a Power Purchase Agreement (PPA) to supply its production facility with 100% green solar energy. Additionally, the company has completed the installation of an extensive, state-of-the-art solar panel system on its roof for self-consumption.

This move by Nagamohr, reflects its commitment to environmental protection and its desire to reduce its carbon footprint. The solar energy PPA will enable the company to obtain clean and renewable electricity to power its daily operations, resulting in a significant reduction in greenhouse gas emissions.

The PPA contract has been signed with a leading solar energy company and guarantees a stable source of solar energy over an extended period. This will not only boost Nagamohr's sustainability, but also reduce its long-term operating costs, providing a significant opportunity to be more competitive.

In a statement, Nagamohr's CEO, Patrick Bosch, expressed his enthusiasm for this sustainable initiative, saying: "We are committed to doing our part in combating climate change and protecting our planet. Transitioning to solar energy is an essential step in that direction. By taking these measures, we not only reduce our carbon footprint but also contribute to the development of a greener and more sustainable economy."

Nagamohr joins a growing number of companies worldwide that are prioritizing sustainability and renewable energy as an integral part of their operations. This effort not only benefits the environment, but also demonstrates Nagamohr's leadership in the automotive industry by embracing innovative and sustainable solutions to drive its future.




Beneficiario: NAGAMOHR, S.A.

Descripción: Adquisición de un horno de nitrocarburación gaseosa Ionit Ox del fabricante Oerlikon Balzers para tratamiento térmico superficial de piezas metálicas.

Objetivo: Optimizar el proceso de producción, mejorar la eficiencia, conseguir una gran calidad de producto y servicio, aumento de la automatización e incremento de la productividad.

Resultado: Obtención de piezas con alta resistencia a fatiga, corrosión y desgaste, elevada dureza y baja rugosidad mediante tratamiento térmico superficial Ionit Ox, realizado por un horno de nitrocarburación gaseosa automatizado con control remoto.

Subvención recibida: 170.780,00 €